Hi there!

You may want to know a little bit about me before reading about my thoughts and feelings, and hearing my advice and personal anecdotes. I mean, I certainly would, too. Here are a few things you should know:

  • I am 21 years old, and in my fourth year and final semester at SFU
  • I am pursuing a career in early childhood education, and hope to be a primary elementary school educator in the near future
  • I am hoping to complete SFU’s PDP program
  • I thoroughly enjoy working with young children and find it very rewarding
  • My zodiac sign is libra (sun and moon), and I feel as though I embody most of the typical libra traits
  • I was born in Canada, but am also of Greek decent as both my parents are Greek
  • I am very passionate about my cultural heritage
  • My interests (in no particular order) include traveling, makeup and skincare, baking, painting, fishing, shopping, listening to music, working out, and hanging out with my dog and the important people in my life
  • I am a very dedicated, loyal, and hardworking person, with perfectionist tendencies (which isn’t always a bad thing!)

Hopefully this gives you some insight into knowing who I am.

I hope that you enjoy my posts, as I am looking forward to sharing about my life, specifically surrounding my emotions and what I do to stay positive.

Check out the PUB 101 section of my blog to see course content from my studies at SFU.

-Eleni ♡