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Welcome to Exquisitely Eleni

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. I have never been one to write about my feelings and thoughts openly, but this is what the blog will be all about… sharing my emotions and just being exquisitely myself. I have learned that it is better to be open about your emotions instead of bottling them in. Through this blog, I will be able to accomplish prioritizing myself and my own physical and mental health, and take you all on that journey with me. What better way to begin than at the start of a new year!

This blog will provide a look into my life, and into my thoughts, emotions, and the things going on in my mind. It is my hope to share my feelings with you and to bring awareness to the fact that it is okay to have bad days. What is important is to be your most authentic self. In my past semesters I have struggled with this. However, it has been a goal of mine to prioritize self-care and self-love. Through this blog, I will not only provide you with my own journey of prioritizing mental health, I also will provide tips and tricks of things that work for me! It is so important to do things that make you feel good, especially during these unprecedented and difficult times.

With all of that being said, lets jump right into it!

One thing that I have been doing daily for a few years now is journaling. Since 2018, I have had a bullet journal where I write down and record all of my daily tasks. This has helped me feel more organized and productive, which has certainly been lacking lately while being stuck inside. While this method was working for me, I was craving something more. It was as if my friend knew exactly how I was feeling and just what I needed because for Christmas, she got me “The Five Minute Journal” which I started on January 1st, 2021.

The Five Minute Journal” is pretty straightforward, and essentially only takes five minutes out of each day. There are a few things that the journal instructs you to fill out in the morning when you wake up, and a few more to fill out at bedtime. So far, I have been really enjoying completing each of the pages. In fact, I look forward to it. What has been specifically significant to me is filling out three things that I am grateful for each day, as well as daily affirmations. Being able to identify the things that I am grateful for daily has given me a new perspective. It also shows me that there is so much in life to be grateful for, even the little things! Furthermore, being able to jot down a few affirmations about myself has been slightly more difficult, but ultimately helping me grow into becoming a more confident individual. As I continue to fill out the daily affirmations section of the journal, I know that I will manifest these aspects and begin to truly feel them myself.

I would highly recommend for everyone to try out journaling! It is a great way to end off the day and there are so many ways to do it. If you don’t feel like aimlessly writing, try a bullet journal to go through all of the amazing things you accomplished throughout the day. This can simply be making your bed. If you feel like you need something more structured like me, try out “The Five Minute Journal”!

To purchase “The Five Minute Journal”:

I am looking forward to continuing my blog posts and sharing more information here!

Signing off for now,

Eleni ♡

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