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This week, I felt that it would be important to talk about myself and my personal growth, to display that your own growth matters! It has been a long journey for me over the past weeks, in terms of sharing my emotions and being upfront and candid. Therefore, I thought it would be beneficial to touch on this and to also provide you all with a mental health check in. After all, it is really important to check in with yourself! This blog has given me the means to do this more frequently and proactively, which has really benefited my life.

My mental health over the last little while has been improving. Between therapy and the outlet that I have through my writing on this site, I have been feeling more positive overall. While there have been some bad days and tough times to get through, I have remained resilient. Besides, this is a part of mental health! It isn’t simply about good days and bad days, it is about how you are feeling as a whole. I truly feel as though I have begun to feel more confident about my own mental health and talking about it. I feel comfortable letting others know that I go to therapy and am much more confident in my decisions. It has been quite freeing sharing my thoughts and emotions on this platform and I am grateful for it.

As I have now entered and am actively moving through my twenties, I have noticed many changes about my life that were never present before. Adulthood has quickly approached and the busyness of life has gotten in the way (pandemic aside). Many of my friendships have changed or dwindled, and it has become more difficult to find time to see others or make time for myself. Each of these things were really hard for me to come to terms with at first. Change was upsetting to me and it made me feel isolated and lonely. Honestly, before creating and utilizing this blog, I frequently used negative self-talk and had a lack of self-love. My own self-care was deteriorating, as I also made little time to care for myself. However, by sharing my own thoughts, tips, emotions, and by providing advice and composing my posts, I have been able to better focus and hone in on all of the positive things in my life (i.e. the people around me, my routines, etc.). I now direct my energy towards these things and my passions, and can better prioritize myself. I have also now been able to be determine the things in my life that I can continue to improve on. Where there were previous times that I would feel lonely and go into a pit of negative self-talk, I have now been able to fill this void by doing the things that I have reiterated throughout my posts. Focusing on the good in my life has helped me immensely, and given me a new sense of purpose.

Going forward I can say that I feel a greater sense of belonging in the world. I am hopeful and optimistic for the future and continuing my positive mental health journey. Being able to touch on my mental health through writing, has given me a unique and progressive way to check in with myself. I also encourage each of you to check in with yourself as often as possible, through whichever means will work best for you. Even taking a moment to yourself in the morning may be good enough, or perhaps a more structured approach would work better! Nevertheless, make sure to give yourself the opportunity to have a positive emotional and mental health journey, because everything you do in your life matters. Follow along with me! The sky is the limit and this is just the beginning!

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” – Mother Teresa

Farewell for now,

Eleni ♡

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