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Positively Structured Morning and Night Routines

Often, I find that it is hard going to bed and waking up with a positive mindset. This is especially the case when life becomes so monotonous with a busy school and work schedule, and while we are in quarantine. I have certainly found myself dreading getting out of bed in the morning, and have also experienced feeling down as I fall asleep at night. When this happens, I also tend to have awful sleeps, where I am waking up constantly and having nightmares. In order to prevent this from happening and to gain some structure in my life, I decided to come up with a routine that I do every morning and every night, to having me feeling positive about the day ahead of me. Although there will inevitably be some bad mornings and some tough nights, my routines have helped me minimize them. Hopefully the following ideas will provide you with some inspiration to begin experiencing a better start and end to your day.

In the Morning…

When I wake up in the morning, I try not to check my phone right away. While this used to be a bad habit of mine, I try to let myself wake up naturally instead of opening my eyes to a bright screen. Before, I would almost instantly reach for my phone and open up my email, followed by social media. Now, I leave my phone face down on my side table. I allow myself to wake up first, and then I get out of bed and commence my morning routine. This routine consists of getting out of bed, brushing my teeth and washing my face, then getting dressed and brushing my hair. After I have done all of these simple tasks, I make my bed. Making my bed has become super important to me. Not only does this make my life feel organized, it also makes me feel ready for a positive and productive day ahead. My room feels more uplifting and welcoming, and it also makes me look forward to getting into a crisp bed at night. Needless to say, it has become a staple for a variety of reasons.

After I make bed, I fill out the morning portion of my “Five Minute Journal” which I already mentioned in my very first blog post (check it out)! Additionally, I occasionally write in my dream journal, which is something that my therapist suggested for me to do. This allows me to document the dreams that I am having and see where/if there are patterns or things that are subconsciously bothering me in my personal life. While this isn’t something that I do every morning, as it depends on the sleep I had the night before, I think it is a nice way to clear your mind and any dreams you encountered while sleeping! After I have done all of these things, I then allow myself to check my phone. While I could probably go longer without checking it, I at least ensure that I am fully awake and that my routine is complete first.

The final step to my morning is when I go downstairs to make myself some food and a coffee. Eating in the morning is very important to starting your day right! After I eat and feel satisfied, I am ready to start my day!

My usual breakfast of choice is a smoothie bowl!

At Night…

My nighttime routine is similar to what I do in the morning. However, I have various practices that help me wind down. For starters, when I am ready to end my day I go upstairs and have a shower, or occasionally take a relaxing bath (with candles and bubbles!). Whether I wash my hair or not, I always enjoy getting into my bed with a clean body. After my shower, I get into my pajamas, brush my teeth, and do my skincare routine, where I put on my serums and night creams. After this, I go on my phone for the last time, and put it to charge. I am then able to get into bed.

To wind down in bed, I either watch a show on Netflix or some YouTube. While I know more screen time is probably not the best method, I enjoy this short period of wind down time. I also eventually want to throw reading books into the mix, instead of watching shows, as another way to wind down. Finally, while in bed, I fill in the night portion of my “Five Minute Journal”, since it lives inside my nightstand. Filling out the journal is the last thing I do before I close my eyes, as it allows me to reflect on my day. I am able to end the day with positivity and gratitude towards everything in my life. After this, I feel content and ready for a comforting, relaxing, and rejuvenating night sleep. I also feel prepared for a new day ahead.

Ready for bed!

While I am not a medical professional, the routines and tips that I have provided above have really worked for me. I have been able to experience a more positive outlook in the morning, which makes me ready for my day. Likewise, I go to bed feeling positive and have been able to have a more restful sleep. This prepares me for what is to come the next day. Creating this consistent routine has made me feel more organized, and ultimately have a better outlook on my life. These small everyday things have ultimately helped me to take care of my mental health.

Have a great day and a good night,

Eleni ♡

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