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Staying Positive

Hey everybody!

I am absolutely overJOYed to be a guest on Eleni’s blog! Since her blog is all about her personal development, mental health, and emotions, I thought I would be the perfect guest to give some advice and share my expertise. I do specialize in emotions of positivity and joy after all!

Staying positive is a lot easier than you may think! There are a lot of things in life to be happy about, and it is super important to notice and focus on those things! I suggest making a list of all of the positive things in your life. These things don’t need to be big – everything counts! (The littlest things in life can often make you the happiest). After you make your list, leave it for a few days, but continue to think about it. You should come back to it and keep adding to it when you can. Eventually, you will have a long list of so many happy and positive things in your life! This is a great way to practice gratitude. I also recommend practicing talking positively about yourself! Try giving yourself a compliment every day, either in your head or by writing it down. Practice makes perfect and soon enough, you will become a professional at positive thinking!

Some more ways to stay positive are by doing things that make you happy. Think about what those things may be and make sure to do at least one of them every day! I personally love making memories, and doing things that make me happy allow me to do so! You should also make sure that you surround yourself with those that will make you laugh, make you excited, and uplift you! There are a few individuals that I can think of that make me feel this way, and I know you do too!

Before I go, here’s one last thing; make sure not to let sadness, anger, fear, or disgust overcome you! Each of these emotions are important, and sometimes things will happen that will make you feel these different ways. However, if you use my tips, you will have the opportunity to get back to feeling happy and positive again! I am so excited for you to try it out!

Good luck, I know you can do it!

– Joy

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