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Thoughts of The Week: Feelings and Music

This past week and even this month have been quite overwhelming for me. Between school and being in a quarantine, life seems to be getting quite monotonous. I feel as though the week crawls by and then the weekend fly’s past. It truly feels like a continuous loop. When there is nothing for me to do, I am then left with my own thoughts. This is when anxiety and my emotions quick in. I quickly begin to feel down and start going into my downward spiral. While there are tips I have provided here on my blog, like pick me ups specifically, there are also times where I don’t feel like doing anything and simply just want to wallow in my self-pity and remain in my emotional state. When this happens, I begin to listen to music, as I feel like music is quite relatable. Many times, if I am really in my feelings, music can also help me have a good cry, which is really important sometimes, as my therapist reminds me. Listening and connecting to music is a great outlet when feeling this way, and I sometimes even will go for a drive just to listen to music and clear my head.

A playlist that I like to listen to when I am feeling emotional is one created by a YouTuber I watch, Niki DeMartino or Niki Demar on Spotify. Her playlist is called “a playlist for your emotional needs”. She has many great playlists to look through, but this one is a personal favourite of mine. In fact, it has even inspired me to create my own emotional playlist, and some of her songs are in it as well! There are actually many emotional and relatable playlists out there, like on Spotify, that you could find. However, you can also create your own playlist like I have!

The Spotify playlist that I created is called “Relatable”. Essentially, it includes a bunch of songs that are emotional, and touch on things like anxiety, overthinking, and mental health. The songs are ultimately all relatable to me. This playlist is for those times when I am feeling lonely and need something to relate to. As I said, I am the type of person who really connects to songs and listens intently to lyrics. Therefore, listening to this playlist is a helpful antidote for me when I am overwhelmed and feeling these types of emotions. My playlist includes ballads, as well as multiple music genres, including pop, rock, and heavy metal, from Ariana Grande to Metallica. I have a very eclectic music taste, and find many different artists relatable, which I wanted to reflect in my playlist. However, I organized the songs by artists and in such a way that they gradually change from softer pop music, and eventually to heavy metal songs at the end. I definitely think that there is something for everyone to listen to and relate to on my playlist.

If you’re feeling down, I highly recommend that you check out one of the playlists that I have mentioned (especially mine!). It could potentially make you sadder, however in my opinion, listening to music is the perfect outlet to get through your emotions, calm down, feel less lonely, and relate to something that is essentially impartial in your life. Artists want us to relate to their music, and when there are times when I am feeling down, like this week, this is really helpful for me! I hope reading about my thoughts this week was beneficial for you, and I also hope that you try listening to my playlist when you’re feeling down!

All the best always,

Eleni ♡

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