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Vowing to Take My Own Advice

Well, my meme pretty much sums it up. I now have a blog where I plan on giving advice and conveying my emotions, yet I struggle with doing it myself. Doesn’t that make me a hypocrite? There are many thoughts that come to my head, however, part of this journey is pushing myself to open up and share what’s “inside my mind” with all of you. This blog gives me the ability to do that and I am determined to use it.

I am the type of person who people come to for advice, and I think that I am able to provide great advice to others. However, I struggle with using my own advice many times. For example, if a friend were to tell me that they were feeling stressed out and needed a day to themselves, I would encourage them to do so. I would help them think of many different ways for them to prioritize themselves and help them plan their day. Yet when I feel this way myself, I haven’t/wouldn’t apply my own advice of taking a day off, and planning my work and school schedule accordingly. This is something I have been guilty from for as long as I can remember. This semester I want to change that. Having this platform is giving me the opportunity to give advice to others, while also utilizing those practices for myself and sharing how I am feeling.

Although in recent years I haven’t been the best at sharing my emotions with others or being vulnerable with people I don’t know, it hasn’t always been this way. Creating this current blog reminded me of the time in my childhood where I created a blog all on my own. This blog was a place where I shared the prominent parts of my life that I was interested in. I admire that I was able to be vulnerable online as an 11-year-old and share my thoughts with the world. It makes wonder when, why and how that all changed… I admire my past self’s confidence. Nevertheless, I am now using young Eleni as my inspiration to be able to share my feelings, advice, and thoughts with my current audience as an adult, and therefore vow to simply be myself while doing so. I have fond memories of creating my childhood blog, and I am making it my goal to have the same pleasant experiences with this one, too.

If you want to have a laugh, check out my blog from ten+ years ago here:

I hope it brings a smile to your faces just as it did to mine.

See you again soon,

Eleni ♡

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