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Process Post #9: Analytics and Data Trails

Data trails were something that I was aware of before this course. However, after listening to and reading the course content for this week, I became more aware of and anxious about the concept. Data trails are also known as “digital breadcrumbs” (Pod Academy, 2016). In regards to the definition, a “digital trail is a …

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Feeling Confident, Assertive, and Empowered

Yesterday, Monday, March 8th, 2021, was International Women’s Day. For those of you who are not aware of what this is, essentially, it is a day dedicated to celebrating women’s rights, as well as women’s achievements and accomplishments. It is a day to commemorate feminism, equal rights, and ultimately, women! In tribute to this, I …

Process Posts, PUB 101

Process Post #8: Continuing with The Process – Copyright

This week in lecture, we discussed the concept of copyright. As defined by Nash (2013) in his article, “copyright is a legislatively granted, limited right to monopolize the reproduction of a given sequence of words (and later, images and sounds, and nowadays, in some countries, numbers and movements)” (para. 11). While I was aware of …