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Peer Review #1

For the first peer review, I am reviewing my classmate Tegpal Khaira’s website, “Sports Recap”. I am quite excited to be reviewing his blog, as it is centered around sports recaps, for the NHL, NBA, and NFL. I am a fan of watching sports myself, especially the NFL and NHL, so I was eager to go through his blog and read about some current topics in sports. If you are a sports fan too, or are wanting to look into the world of sports, then check out Tegpal’s blog!

The Basics:

When first arriving to Tegpal’s site, the aesthetic drew me in. I really liked the layout on the home page, as the scrolling captions made me want to find out more. I also liked the teal, white, and grey theme, as well as the font style, as it presents a sporty feel. Furthermore, on the main page, there is a section for each the NHL, NBA and NFL aspects of the blog. Each section has a catchy description, which really made me want to read more. Tegpal’s menu and categorizations were also quite clear and easy to navigate, which is important as “navigational centers exert tremendous power over the entire structure” (Bernstein, 1998, p. 28). I also appreciate Tegpal’s simplistic layout and the WordPress theme that he chose.  

When looking further into Tegpal’s website, I came across the About section. Here, Tegpal provided a brief explanation about what the theme and purpose of his blog is (i.e. providing current and relevant sports recaps). He also gave a short description about himself, however I would have liked to know a bit more about him. For example, he mentioned that he has been playing sports since the age of five, and I found myself curious about this (i.e. which sports he plays/played, etc.). Additionally, I think it would be important for Tegpal to include a photo of himself, so that the viewers of his website are able to put a face to his name. While Tegpal is my classmate, I don’t know much about him, beyond what I have found out while going through his blog, nor do I really know what he looks like, beyond seeing him on Zoom. Therefore, viewers of his blog, like myself, may potentially encounter “solipsistic introjection” while reading, as we “…may assign a visual image to what we think [Tegpal] looks like and how [he] behaves” (Suler, 2004, para. 9). I think that there will be a better connection between the creator and the viewer, if Tegpal provides more information about himself, as well as a photo to go along.

The Content:

Tegpal’s blog content is quite interesting. While there are only two Blog Posts, two Process Posts and two Mini Assignments, there is a lot to read through. Tegpal’s blog posts have photos to illustrate what he is discussing, with proper captions. This visual aspect is important and adds an appealing element to his posts. Furthermore, “the attention of the audience is a writer’s most precious possession…” (Bernstein, 1998, p. 6). Tegpal’s blog posts are concise, and give the reader adequate information about the topic. In fact, I found myself wanting to read more! His blog post about the upcoming Super Bowl grabbed my attention and gave me a lot of insight about what to expect for this upcoming Sunday. I am eager to come back and read a post about the NBA, too! In addition, all of his writing is clear with no noticeable grammar or spelling errors.

The same can be said for Tegpal’s mini assignments. His meme was amusing, and his guest post was relevant to his blog, interesting to read and quite funny. I felt that he captured Deadpool as a character quite well. As for the process posts, they were also well written. However, there are no links to other sites. I think it is important for Tegpal to remember that “links need not be treated as dangerous hazards; links are new opportunities for expression” (Bernstein, 1998, p. 22). While Tegpal’s week 2 process post provided connections by citing some course readings, I think that both of his process posts would have been even better if he had linked to other sources.


With PUB 101 and its combination of academics and individual interest, “…students must be effective architects, narrators, curators, and inhabitants of their own digital lives” (Campbell, 2009, p. 59). I think that Tegpal has done a good job of clearly articulating his online self. I think that his “about” page could have some more detail, but specific posts, like the second mini assignment (with the guest blogger), provide a look into Tegpal’s personality. Ultimately, I think Tegpal is well on his way of “…cultivating his digital garden” (Basu, 2020, para. 7), and his website and content will continue to blossom over time.

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