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Process Post #10: Blog Updates and Continuations

This week, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on some of the feedback that I have been provided on my site, and also document some of the updates I have made. I have now received three peer reviews from my classmates, and have also had my blog critiqued in class and in tutorial. I have taken all of this feedback into consideration, and have made a few tweaks on my website accordingly.

The peer reviews that I received were very nice. I felt very validated and confident in my blog after reading each of the reviews that my peers provided. While I wasn’t given much to improve on from my classmates, more insight was provided for me in lecture, and even more so in tutorial. Specifically, while Jaiden was giving me feedback on my blog, mentioned updating my “Contact” page. I was aware that this area of my site needed some work, but I wasn’t exactly sure where to start. All that the page had was a heading that said “Contact”, with a subheading that said “SFU Contact Info” with my email listed below. Now, with some provided suggestions, I was able to make some strong updates to this page. My intent was to make my contact page more welcoming, personal, and informative. I was able to include a photo of myself, a small blurb about why someone would want to contact me, and also links to my email and my Instagram page. This is what the updated page looks like now:

My updated “Contact” page!

I also took critiques into consideration that were provided to other sites in lecture and tutorial, which I felt may apply to me as well. For example, one thing that I noticed was the discussion of having a clean and straight-forward menu. Before, my “About Me” section on my menu was written as “About Me…”. I got rid of the ellipsis, to make my menu cleaner and to match the rest of the pages listed. Similarly, the “Contact” page on my menu has been changed to “Contact Me”, as I wanted there to be more clarity and personalization. I believe that making small and continuous updates like this is what helps in making a tailored and appealing site. As Hollingsworth (2018) identified, if “…the site isn’t re-evaluated consistently over time, it will reach a threshold where it can no longer improve…” (para. 32).

Since my peer reviews mentioned many strengths of my site, I thought it would be beneficial to reflect on these elements and discuss the things that I will continue doing. Some of the things that I do on my blog relates to what we discussed today in lecture regarding SEO’s (i.e. “Search Engine Optimization”). As Norman (2021) identified, some “ingredients” of good SEO is “appropriate key word use”, “informative, strategic headers”, “references to reliable sources (outbound links)”, “high quality information”, and “clear, concise, easy on the eyes”. I will continue using strong opening sentences in my posts, as well as keywords that reflect what the post is about (I also use hashtags on each of my posts and have a search bar on my blog, too!). My headers are all concise, yet informative, and reflect the idea of the post and the theme of my blog. Furthermore, I link out to plenty of other sources/sites in each of my posts, and also ensure that they are reliable. By linking out I am “…offering users the information they are looking for in fewer clicks, quickly and easily (Hollingsworth, 2018, para. 20). The sources that I use, along with the personal experiences that I share, indicate that I am sharing high quality information. Additionally, I would say that my site and my posts are appealing, as I have incorporated strong design elements like the colours, typography, and images/graphics that I use. I intend to continue doing each of the aspects I have mentioned above, for the benefit of my marketability (Hollingsworth, 2018) and my blog as a whole.


Hollingsworth, Sam. April 13, 2018. “12 Reasons Why You Business Absolutely Needs SEO.”

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