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Process Post #11: Transmedia Integration

Transmedia integration is important for any site. It allows creators and website owners to connect different and multiple forms of media. Currently, on my blog, I have included different forms of media. I have tried to tackle social media integration through linking my Instagram account to my site, as well as my Spotify playlist in my Feelings and Music blog post. Also, I have linked out to different TikToks a few times. Along with these aspects, I have also tried my best to incorporate images into my posts as much as possible. My intention behind this has been to supplement my writing through media integration. The visual aspects of my blog enhance the content and make it easier for my audience to connect to what I am writing.

With all of that being said, I think that I could do more in terms of transmedia integration. Specifically, I feel as though I could extend the narrative, theme, and story that I have created on my website, to other platforms or “channels”. This is known as transmedia storytelling, which is valuable for bloggers. To elaborate, transmedia storytelling is defined as a “process… [where] elements of a fiction get dispersed across multiple media for the purpose of creating a coordinated entertainment experience” (KevinBrittenyLauren, 2013, para. 5). I think that there would be value in creating a plan to further incorporate transmedia aspects into my site publication. This would allow for my audience to have a better and more beneficial experience when visiting my site, and while reading my tips, tricks, and thoughts. It would certainly be more engaging as well, as we can see with other sites, apps, games (like Pokémon), etc., and their unique ploys to continuously engage their audiences (KevinBrittenyLauren, 2013). However, it would be important for me to keep in mind that transmedia is more than giving the audience information, as it also includes maintaining audience involvement “…through their everyday life” (KevinBrittenyLauren, 2013, para. 7).  

To begin my plan, I think that it would be beneficial to utilize TikTok. Many people use TikTok nowadays and the number of users is continuously growing. Additionally, from my personal observations, there is evident comfortability on TikTok, as users share common experiences and are able to be more candid. By making TikToks about mental health, therapy, and other lifestyle tips, I could entice viewers to come to my blog and vice versa. This would also kickstart the conversation about mental health and play a role in de-stigmatizing it. I think that this would be a great way to normalize feelings that people are having and encourage others to take care of themselves mentally in real life, like by going to therapy (as one example). I don’t think it would be possible for me to accomplish something like this on Instagram, as it is a platform where people are essentially posting highlight reels of their lives and are seeking perfection in many different ways. Comparatively, TikTok would be a much better platform for my blog’s transmedia integration.

Furthermore, although it would definitely depend on my blog’s popularity and/or viewership, I imagine that it would eventually be beneficial for me to create a Podcast to supplement my content. This would be similar to my TikTok content; however, I could perhaps bring guests onto the Podcast to share their experiences too, as podcasts seem to be environments where meaningful conversations occur. Those guests could be friends of mine and even my own readers.  Additionally, perhaps there could eventually be a way for me to chat with my readers, like through a Facebook group or using another social platform that is similar to this, such as Discord or Reddit. This would certainly open up the conversation, and perhaps allow for my viewers to be more involved within my content in their everyday lives. We could check in on one another, share our experiences, any tips that we have, and more. Essentially it could be like a support group! That said, I do recognize that this depends on larger factors. Nevertheless, I think it is still valuable for me to have some ideas and a plan in place, to be able to utilize transmedia integration in various ways! I intend to continue to do this on my blog, and also expand what I have been doing already.

References 2013. “Pokémon as transmedia storytelling”.

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