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Process Post #2: The Process

The process of starting up my blog was certainly not easy. In fact, I found it more difficult than I had initially expected. Despite this, after the first PUB 101 lecture of the semester, I was determined to get started and begin to figure out setting up my blog.

For starters, I began with creating a vision board for what I wanted my blog to feel and look like. I created my vision board on the Canva app as a collage of photos. I chose black, white, and pink as my main colours, and selected photos provided by the app that I felt embody the theme of my blog and its content. In my vision board, you will see the overarching theme of mental health, emotions, and self-care.

Photo created with Canva

After the vision board creation, I went ahead and set up my website at Reclaim Hosting, using the instruction provided on Setting up my WordPress blog took a while, but I was finally able to get the basics of it. While I struggled and was unsuccessful in creating a child theme, I was able to look through the numerous themes that WordPress provides. Eventually, after at least an hour of looking, I came across the perfect theme (Blossom Fashion theme) that I felt embodied what I had created on my vision board.

While I fiddled around with WordPress and was able to figure out a few things on my own, I needed some more help. I took it upon myself to look up a YouTube video tutorial about the basics of setting up a WordPress blog, and used the following video to assist me: This video was very long and I didn’t watch it in full, but I was able to use the “Important Video Times” that the video creator included in the video description, and jumped around to the parts I needed help with when necessary. For others struggling with WordPress, I would recommend watching a YouTube tutorial like the one I linked above.

I must admit, I was frustrated with the initial process of setting up my blog and found myself quite stressed out. I also felt overwhelmed with the fact that I had to figure things out on my own, and that this course is set up to be less structured, and more student-driven. However, I now realize after reading the course articles that “…what the professor truly wants is for students to discover and craft their own desires and dreams, [which] a personal cyberinfrastructure provides the opportunity [for]” (Campbell, 2009, p. 59). I also began to embrace the idea that I will have complete control and creative freedom over my own work, which is going to be an important and truly valuable experience (Watters, 2015). Although this class is unique and is something I am not used to in comparison to other courses, I am excited by the idea that my work won’t disappear after the semester is over (Glass, 2015). While it was a rough start in the beginning, I am looking forward to the process of continuing to create this blog. Even though I am expecting some bumps along the way, I recognize the value in this process.


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