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Process Post #4: The Internet

If you only had one hour left with the internet, what would you do in that time?

As we discussed in lecture, if I only had one hour left with the internet, I am unsure what I would do. Firstly, I think panic would ensue. This would be a tough scenario for me, as I am an extremely indecisive person. However, I think it would certainly be a learning experience. I think that many people would have this same reaction as me at first, as media is a large part of human’s lives and “exists as systems of communication critical to a circulation of the ideas, images, sounds and ideologies that bind a culture together” (Chittenden, 2010, p. 510). For people of the past, their ‘internet’ and ways of getting information was through “…newspapers, radio and television” (Chittenden, 2010, p. 510). Imagine taking all of that away! While at first, I wouldn’t know what to do and would feel overwhelmed, I think that I would be able to quickly get over my reactions, and I would begin working.

Since I only have an hour, I would download anything that I had stored online onto my computer. I would ensure that all of my files (pictures, videos, etc.) were downloaded onto my computer or another hard drive from the cloud. I would be terrified of losing any photos, videos, files, and ultimately, memories. While the cloud is extremely useful currently as there is easy access to the internet, if the internet disappeared, there would be lots of files completely lost in the abyss. This would be detrimental to many people across the world. While downloading all of my files, I would then go onto my social media, and make sure that all of my posted photos from those platforms were also saved. The next thing that I would do is contact my friends and family members over social media, to ensure that they have my phone number so that we would still be able to communicate. Social media allows me to communicate with my friends and family who live in Greece, who I don’t talk to over the phone very often. Therefore, this would be a vital step for me, so that I wouldn’t lose touch with the important people of my life. After doing all of that, I think that I would delete my social media accounts. While some would say that this step wouldn’t be necessary, I would want to ensure that I have some sort of control over what happens to each of my accounts. Lastly, if I had any time left over, I would download extra entertainment content off of the internet, like movies and tv shows that aren’t available to me on DVD due to streaming services. While all of this downloading may take a long time, I think it would be useful to secure as much content as possible.

Ultimately, we have put a lot of faith into the internet. While, I think that I could survive without it, there would certainly be things that I would miss. In regards to social media, I wouldn’t have too much of a problem with my accounts being deleted, especially knowing that everyone else would be in the same situation as me. However, a fear would be losing touch with certain people in my life, specifically those who are overseas. It has become apparent to me while writing this post, that I have taken the internet for granted. The internet provides us all with certain luxuries that people once did not have. Therefore, it would be difficult to get used to, but we would all need to adapt to a life without it. Getting rid of the internet may have both pros and cons, but we would face potential decline in our technological progression.

Ultimately, I am thankful for the internet, and everything it has and continues to provide me. I wouldn’t be able to have the freedom of my own personal domain (Watters, 2015), or post this without it!

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