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Process Post #8: Continuing with The Process – Copyright

This week in lecture, we discussed the concept of copyright. As defined by Nash (2013) in his article, “copyright is a legislatively granted, limited right to monopolize the reproduction of a given sequence of words (and later, images and sounds, and nowadays, in some countries, numbers and movements)” (para. 11). While I was aware of the general idea of copyright, it was interesting to find out that things like recipes and fashion cannot be copyrighted. While this makes sense, I had never thought about it before. Upon further thought, I wanted to apply the concept of copyright to my own blog.

Based on what we discussed in lecture and my own quick googling, it was confirmed that ideas or basic knowledge cannot be copyrighted. Since my blog is primarily about discussions around mental health and sharing my own self-development, the ideas, stories, thoughts, and tips that I write about are based on my own experiences. I have grasped basic knowledge based on my own life experiences, and I have also learned about various ideas to manage my mental health from therapy. Although I cannot cite my therapist, when I am sharing my own experiences and my tips and tricks, I always ensure to link out to other articles that talk about similar things. A great example of this is in my therapy blog post, where I discussed utilizing methods like grounding and mindfulness to help me manage my anxiety. These were methods that I learned about in therapy, but I felt that it was important for me to provide other sources that also touched on these aspects. Ultimately, taking measures like linking out to other sources is something that I definitely intend on continuing. While the things that I discuss can’t be copyrighted, linking out is a step in the right direction and is quite useful for my blog.

Furthermore, in lecture professor Norman also suggested that when we are using our own photos, we should watermark them. I think this would be a useful addition to my blog, specifically for photos that do not have my face in them. I have many photos on my site of landscapes and sunsets that I have taken myself. In fact, most of the photos that I use are from my own collection. Moving forward, I want to watermark some of the pictures that I use on my blog in an inconspicuous way. Specifically, I intend to watermark my sunset and landscape photos as these things are quite commonly photographed, and thus could be “stolen” or used by anyone to claim as their own.

Here is an example of one of my photos that I have used on my blog without a watermark:

Now, I can use my blog icon to watermark those of my photos that could potentially be “stolen”:

There have been many copyright infringements and scandals that have occurred throughout history, as well as legal battles regarding copyright. A direct example of this was highlighted in the reading by Henein (2015) which discussed a copyright issue regarding recipes. Therefore, moving forward, I want to avoid dangers like this and ensure that I am taking the proper measures on my own domain. I recognize that I am someone who has my own public website, and therefore, anyone has access to the content that I share. With all of that being said, I think that taking copyright into consideration is an important step and portion of the process of my blog.


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Cover photo created with Canva

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